DK 01 Winner – Team Murasaki!

Congratulations to Team Murasaki who won DK 01 Tournament in association with Gamers Battle Arena on Apex Legends! Team Ali were a close second, but Murasaki took home the W & the $300 Prize pool!

What happened on the night?

The game started slow with barely any clashes in the first few minutes as teams landed safely and began looting. However, within a few minutes of the 2nd ring countdown, teams began clashing and the game turned hectic! Team Murasaki were always leading the kills with an impressive team performance which included Heckk leading and finishing the game as kill leader.

DK streamed the event live on our Twitch Channel and hit an impressive 28 viewers, but unfortunately our stream got hit with lag, audio issues and even a cheeky game disconnect! Looks like we finally have an excuse to upgrade to a new console/PC! Thankfully this did not affect the game and the Tournament continued. When we managed to re-join, there was only 3 team’s remaining, CatJAM, Agent ALI & Team Murasaki with the latter coming out on top in a final epic showdown with Agent ALI.

As you can see by the picture on the left, Team Murasaki (Team 8) deserved their win on the night! Agent ALI, CatJAM & Team 17 all impressed with most of the kills accounted for between the teams! Well done to Team Murasaki who impressed during DK 01 and will be sure to feature in more upcoming Tournaments after taking home the $300!

What’s next for Division Kings Tournaments?

Following a very successful and event filled night, DK are now looking forward to the next Tournament! We haven’t set a date, however the Tournament is expected to be planned within a Fortnight & will again involve a one and done, Apex Battle Royale Tournament for Oceania players.

Division Kings are now personally looking at upgrading their systems, to ensure a repeat of the issues we had during streaming will not occur again. Thank you to all those who watched the stream and were patient with the technical difficulties we faced! All part of teething!

Thank you to all the teams who took part on the night, we hope you had fun!

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