Division Kings reaches 150 sign ups!

Wow! Thank you to all our supporters who have helped us reach this important milestone! 150 sign ups! This is huge for us! Only last month we released the news that we hit 100 sign ups so thank you to everyone who is getting involved in this community and helping us grow! We couldn’t do this without you!

What’s happening on Division Kings right now?

Our DK 02 Apex Tournament is just around the corner, and we already have 17 teams signed up out of 20! DK 01 was epic, and we are betting on DK 02 is going to be even better! Head over to DK 02 – Apex BR Tournament – Division Kings to view the Tournament today!

What can you do on http://www.divisionkings.com?

Social Home:

On Social Home, you can create your very own eSports profile! Here you can add friends, update your post, add photos, videos, stream links, create groups, send private messages and so much more! Sign up for your free account today!

DK Tournaments:

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DK are now hosting regular monthly Tournaments both free to enter & paid Tournaments. We are hosting our first Tournament on the 24th September on Apex Legends, in association with GBA eSports. There are still team spaces available, sign your team up here!


DK TV is Division King’s very own streaming page! Here we showcase our partnered streamers & content creators! TheRealMassFX is our main Partnered streamer! Although independent from DK, Mass has helped Division Kings from the beginning by bringing his followers to the site & truly believing and promoting what we are trying to achieve here! We are always looking for more streamers so head over to DK TV and fill in the application form if you are interested!

DK News:

For all your latest eSports news and announcements, head over to our DK news page! Here you will find DK announcements, Tournament updates, and news from your favourite games and platforms!

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