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Division Kings eSports providing streamers a platform from all across Oceania! View DK's streamers & content creators below!


TheRealMassFX Streams Apex Legends, hailing from NZ & provides positive vibes!

BTH Trojan

BTH Trojan is the founder of BTH & streams live on Facebook playing Fortnite!

BTH Frosty

BTH Frosty is the co-founder of BTH & hails from NZ! He streams Fortnite on Facebook!

Division Kings TV

Proud to be partnered with our streamers!

Our DK TV page is nothing without our streamers, that’s why we do our research and pick the right Guy/Gal for the job! Streaming and content creation is such a big part of the modern eSports community. That’s why here at Division Kings, we want to partner with streamers and enjoy a long and beneficial relationship that brings an endless list of possibilities and positive outcomes on both ends!

Our first ever streaming partnership was formed with The Real Mass Fx!

Mass streams from NZ and jams Apex Legends with such a positive fun vibe! Head over to his socials below and give him a follow!

We are looking for streamers

DK TV is nothing without it's streamers. We are currently looking for multiple streamers to host on our site.

DK are always on the look out for more talent to join the team!


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