Division Kings Rules & Expectations.

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General Rules & Support

At Division Kings, we want to keep our website simple for its users. Let us help you in keeping DK a safe, fun website for everyone to use.


Social posting -

  1. Please refrain from using offensive gestures & language that may upset fellow website users.
  2. Please do not post any offensive, sexist, political, racist images or material to your page or groups.
  3. If you see something that is not right, please report the post, image or person to our admin team.
  4. Respect people’s privacy, do not expose content that is not yours, without the permission from the creator.
  5.  Enjoy & have fun!


DK TV Posting/streaming -

  1. Please only submit appropriate and awesome content.
  2. Do not be offended if your videos are not posted, we deal with lots of submissions, you can always try again!
  3. Spamming submissions will not be tolerated.
  4. Any political, sexist, racist and/or inappropriate content submission will be met with bans. 


Practice Lobby rules -

  1. Do not spam the forums. Any obvious and constant spamming will be removed & the user may be banned.
  2. Do not advertise any illegal, racist, sexist, inappropriate  content.
  3. Forums are constantly checked & regulated but some posts may fall through the cracks, if you see anything that may fall under the above, please report.
  4. Division Kings is a friendly website, please refrain from using inappropriate language.
  5. Any posts that are created in the incorrect topic or category will either be deleted or moved if applicable.


Tournament & division rules -

  1. Please ensure you understand the rules of hosting and joining before your scheduled games.
  2. Each team will have a grace period of 15 minutes after a scheduled game is due to start. If by the 16th minute after the scheduled start time the other team has not shown up, that team will forfeit the map/game. 
  3. At least one player from each team will have to live stream on their twitch account during games. This can be a public or private steam but must be access-able by Divisions Referees. This is for spectating wins/losses and ensuring each team is submitting their correct outcome of the game.
  4. If a player disconnects during a game, the game must continue. However the disconnected player is allowed to re-join at any point of the game.
  5. All games must be set to private, if an unexpected person, or a person not on the roster of either team joins, the game must be stopped & started again with the same scores in mind. 
  6. Division Kings admins will always be watching live streams, so be fair and behave.


Site Rules -

  1. By using this website, you agree that the Division Kings Admin team have the right to ban/delete any offensive posts/comments/users at any given time.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can use our website to play in many different ways. Visit out Social home to create an account and add your freinds, update your wall and share your game clips! Visit our Practice Lobbies to meet new people and clans. Participate in our Tournaments to gain Rep. Visit DK TV to view live streams.

Divisions Kings Social home allows you to create a username and account. This then opens up your social media account allowing you to add friends, post content, make groups, send private messages & much more!

Each tournament game will need to be live streamed by at-least one player on each team, this way a Division Kings admin will be spectating the game and any cheating will be seen.

If you have a scheduled Division fixture / tournament round & your opponent does not show after the 15 minutes of the start time, they will forfeit that particular map. If there is another map after that to be played, the 15 minute timer can be reset. If they failed to join after another 15 minutes, they forfeit all maps and will be rewarded with a loss.

Below you will find a contact us form. Please Follow the prompts in the form to help us help you. Please be patient in awaiting response, you’re enquiry is very important to us.

By simply submitting them to us using our ‘submit video’ button the the DK TV homepage! We review all videos & upload accordingly, we prefer youtube links as this means our viewers can go straight to your channel!

Send the DK team a Message.