DK Weekly update – 19th December 2022

What a week it has been for Division Kings eSports! We have hosted 2 tournaments this week, DK 03 on Apex & DK 04 on Fortnite!

DK 03 provided an epic game on Apex once again! Team TSK played the game as a DUO and played an incredibly smart game! They were waiting until the final circle before getting into a fight knowing that they were a member down. They pounced upon ADAL Wolves who had just wiped the 3rd to last squad and was regrouping when TSK rushed them. ADAL unfortunately, did have a DC during that fight, but take no credit away from TSK who executed their game plan brilliantly and took away the $600 cash prize! Well played to ADAL who finished with an incredible 21 kills! Our Tournament was hosted by GibbyGobbleYT who did an amazing job on his first casting role! We look forward to watching more Tournaments streamed live by Gibbi!

DK 04 was our first ever Tournament we hosted on Fortnite and it was bumpy to say the least! The first round had to be wiped due to 2 squads teaming up, however the admin team worked swiftly to find these teamers and kick them out of the game. Once underway, there was a wicked 2-horse race between FSC & The Jogging Baboons which ended up with FSC just finishing first with an epic 35-point 4th round result! The game saw our partners team GBA finish 3rd with an impressive 24 points & our other partners BTH finish 7th with a respectable 13 points in their first tournament together!

What’s next for Division Kings?

This week we have even more exciting things happening! As always Division Kings are exploring new and exciting ways to bring good vibes and further expand our operations in the Oceania eSports Community!

Division Kings are currently in the process of creating our first ever Podcast! We will be providing information on who we are at Division Kings, what our plans are for the future of eSports & also bring you updates on our Tournaments, news, and eSports news from all over Oceania. You will soon see a new page open on the website and that is where you will find our most recent Podcasts! Watch this space!

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Divisions! We are introducing 6 Divisions to the Oceania eSports Community! There will be 3 Divisions on COD MWII (Singles, Duos & Trios) & 3 Divisions on Rocket League (Singles, Duos & Trios). In Divisions you can practice your skills and climb the division to gain the top spot! You can challenge other teams to climb the ladder! Season 1 will begin on the 1st of January 2023 & run until the end of March 2023!

We are excited to announce our new Promo video, watch it below!

Division Kings eSports Promotional Video.

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Apex Mobile upcoming update will add Crypto to their Legends!

Division Kings does not own the

Apex Mobile is set to release a new season, that has not yet been named but will be Season 2.5 and it will be released on 23rd August 2020! The update is set to bring Apex Legend Crypto to the small screen! As well as a new legend, there will also be a new type of store currency (Hyperbeat coins) and also a new battle pass will be released.

Crypto in Apex Mobile Season 2.5

Although not a popular pick in Apex Legends, currently bottom of the legends pile with a 1.3% pick rate, Crypto is set to be a big player in the mobile version! This is mainly due to the slight changes to his abilities that favour the character on the small screen. Crypto’s drone will in-fact follow him without needing to be controlled, meaning that the drone will spot enemies in close proximity and give him an advantage in close comba

He will also have many perks including a self destructing drone, that will explode after 3 seconds that will hurt and slow down enemies, bonuses to using his finishing move including revealing the finished players remaining squad members and 30% ultimate cool-down boost and many more!

Crypto’s abilities are the following:

Ultimate ability will be his drone EMP strike, like similar to Apex Legends, will slow down the enemy as well as deal damage to their shields.

Tactical ability will be a surveillance drone that will spot enemy squads and hazards he can see.

Passive ability will be neurolink which means his drone will spot and highlight any enemies within a 30m range for his team mates.

His Apex Legend pick rate may be the lowest out of all the legends, however Crypto is sure to shine among the best on the mobile platform!

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Apex new Legend – Vantage

Apex’s upcoming Season 14 due to be released tomorrow 9th August is set to give us a new legend in the game – Vantage! Vantage is a skilled Sniper and offers players a much anticipated advantage with long shots.

Let’s have a further look into her abilities:

Season 14 is due to be released tomorrow, 9th August and set to bring some new additions! These include:

  • A fresh looking King’s Canyon!
  • LV 500 Limit increased to 2000!
  • New buffs & nerfs on Weapons.
  • & Much more!

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Apex Level Increase to 2000!

Wow! Apex Legends has announced that, for the upcoming Season 14, the player level will be increased from a max level of 500 to 2000! This is crazy but also great for all those players who are already maxed out on Apex! Time for all those OG players to get back on the grind!

Along with the level increase, EA have also noted the following changes: A revamped King Canyon map, Weapon Category changes, buff, nerfs & much more!

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