DK’s new Partnership with GBA eSports – Gamers Battle Arena!

Division Kings are proud to announce our most recent Partnership in GBA eSports!

What is GBA Sports?

GBA eSports is a non-for-profit, community funded organization, based in New Zealand and covering the whole of Oceania!

They provide web hosting for streamers to kick-start their career with, graphics/logo designs, promotional services and a nurturing environment for all members of the community.

GBA also Host & Co-Host Tournaments on the most popular video games! And also have weekly giveaways and fun activities for the whole family to get involved in. GBA Also have their own Merch shop!

Visit GBA eSports website today!

What Can DK & GBA Do together?

Short answer? A lot! Long Answer? Well also a lot and more!

Already we have started bringing together our communities that we have built and are helping them thrive and grow to attract even more members to their streams, socials and also both our of websites. Together we will be Co-hosting Tournaments, participate in joint streaming events, sharing news and updates with each other and so on.

Rather than seeing each other as competition, we see it as a chance to really grow the esports community in Oceania and help gamers/streamers of all levels reach levels that they could only dream of! Our Partnership is built around the community we are here to serve, so please get involved, visit and sign up on both websites and help us spread the word!

Gaming in Oceania is due a makeover and deserves to rocket to the front of the eSports community all around the world and that’s what we are going to do, with your help!

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Gamers Battle Arena also have their own Discord Channel!

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