Tournament #DK05


  • Platform – Crossplay
  • Open to – Oceania gamers
  • Game mode – Battle Royale
  • Game rounds – 4
  • Players – 3 each team + 1 Sub.
  • Teams – Min 12, max 20
  • Team submissions close 2PM AEDT 28/01/23
  • Roster changes close 2PM AEDT 28/01/23
  • Date – 28th January 2023
  • Time – 4PM AEDT, UTC+11
  • Entry fee (AUD) – $20 per player
  • Prize pool (AUD):
  • 1st = $600
  • 2nd =$300
  • 3rd = $100 

Each player will pay $20 AUD to enter, you may add a sub player for free, total cost of the team to join is $60 AUD.

Tournament must have at least 12 teams signed up in order to commence. If 12 teams are not signed up by the start of the tournament, the players who have paid will receive a refund.

DK 05 Starts in:


Division Kings TV

The Tournament will be streamed lived by GibbiGobbleYT

DK Tournament


By submitted a team and participating in a DK Tournament, each player understands and agrees to the rules and regulations stated below and will accept that any misconduct or inappropriate actions will be met with the appropriate response by the DK admin team, as the admin team deem fit and acceptable.

Any situations/issues that arise before, during & after Tournaments, will be investigated by the DK Tournament team and their conclusion to the investigation will be final. The conclusion/action will not be required to be explained or justified to those who are affected. By Participating in DK Tournaments, you agree to this, although opinions are allowed, rules and regulations must be followed correctly to ensure proper practices are kept. If there are any issues that arise, that are not stated below, the DK Tournament team will inform and justify the conclusion of those affected/involved, and the rules will be revised to ensure the information is added in, for future reference.

The below rules are subject to change at any given moment with no notification given, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the latest rules and ensure you abide by them when participating in our Tournaments. If a player/team does not follow the rules during the use of our website and during a tournament, this may result in the DK Admin team to ban those guilty. 

We want to create a fair for all, competitive environment, so please abide by our rules.


1a. – You must be living in one of Oceania’s Countries or Territories, as listed below, to apply and compete in Division Kings Tournaments:


    • Australia
    • Fiji
    • Kiribati
    • Marshall Islands
    • Micronesia
    • Nauru
    • New Zealand
    • Palau
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Samoa
    • Solomon Islands
    • Tonga
    • Tuvalu
    • Vanuatu 

Dependencies or other Territories:

    • American Samoa
    • Cook Islands
    • French Polynesia
    • Guam
    • New Caledonia
    • Niue
    • Northern Mariana Islands
    • Tokelau
    • Wallis & Futuna

1b. – Our Tournaments are hosted in line with Australia’s rules & regulations for Gaming. It is your responsibility to ensure you are legally allowed to participate in this tournament if you are outside of Australia and part of Oceania.

1c. – If you have joined this Tournament from a location outside of Oceania (not a country, dependency or territory listed above) then you do not have permission to participate in our DK Tournaments and will be met with a ban to our website. We welcome gamers outside of Oceania to use our website for social and practice purposes, however, you cannot participate in an Oceania based Tournament, when stated for Oceania players.

1d. – The age limit to join Tournaments is set as 18 and above. If a player is under the age of 18, he/she is called as a ‘minor’ and will require parental/Guardian permission to participate in the Tournament. Parental/Guardian observation is required during the entirety of the Tournament and any permissions are now controlled by the Parent/Guardian and any responsibility for misconduct falls on them, not the Minor. The Parent/Guardian understands and accepts this by allowing the Minor to participate in the Tournament with their permission and observation.

2a. – You can make as many changes to your roster as needed before the registration is closed. Please submit these changes through the original submission form on the Tournament you are playing in or email the Tournaments team via email or via our discord channel.

2b. – Once the registration phase has ended (will be stated the end of registration on the Tournament page) you will have to field the team that you have most recently submitted. You cannot use previous versions of the teams if they are not the most recent roster change.

2c. – Once Registration is closed, no changes to the roster can happen and you will only be able to play in that Tournament with the team you have most recently submitted.

2d. – If a player in your roster cannot play, after the registration deadline has passed, you are able to play the Tournament with that player down & play as a Duo.

2e. – If 2 players cannot play, your team will forfeit the Tournament, a refund will not be issued if this is the reason your team is withdrawn.

2f. – If a username in the game does not match the username on the final rosters, that team will have to replace that player with the correct one, failure to do so by the end of grace period (16th minute after a scheduled start time) the team will forfeit.

2g. – If the Tournament is a free to enter, changes can be made all the way up to the start of the Tournament.

3a. – If your team is a no show, the whole team forfeits their entry fee, there will be no refunds.

3b. – Each team is allowed a 15-minute grace period, if a game is scheduled for 18:00, you have until 18:15 to have your team ready in the game. Once the time ticks over to 18:16, if you do not have at least 2 of the players ready, you will forfeit the entirety of games/schedule matches.

3c. – A team is allowed to start the Tournament with 2 players, a third cannot join once the game has been started.

3d. – If a player disconnects during a game, if they have been in from the start, they are allowed to re-join.

4a. – DK will stream a live version of each Tournament with NO TIME DELAY. If you wish not to be included in this, you can contact the DK team via and let us know your team’s name and that you do not want to be spectated, we completely understand.

4b. – Any teams to be found cheating, by watching other team’s streams or have information passed on to them, will forfeit from the Tournament & be banned from using Division Kings website.

4c. – We allow, and encourage, teams to stream their game play in Tournaments, after all, we are playing in a spectator sport.

4d. – We recommend using a time delay/lag on your stream to ensure no-one can cheat by watching your stream.

4e. – Please refrain from using any offensive/racist/sexist remarks during your stream of a DK Tournament.

4f. – You are allowed to promote DK Tournaments on your stream, but please do not connect any affiliation/partnership with DK unless you are a registered partner and have been given permission.

5a. – Any player/team to be found cheating, using hacks, stream sniping, will be removed from the Tournament and be banned from using Division Kings website.

5b. – Players are not to switch teams once the game has started, doing so will result in instant forfeit of that team that the player belongs in.

5c. – If a team forfeits by breaking any of the rules, they will not be refunded for the cost of entry into the Tournament.

6a. – If a team reports the incorrect results on purpose, and proof is provided that the result is incorrect, that team leader and all the named members in the team, will receive a 1 month ban from all competitions on Division Kings.

   6ai. – After a 3rd 1 month ban, that team & it’s members will receive a one-year ban for all competitions in relation to Division Kings.

   6aii. – If after that team has returned after a year ban and reports incorrect, on purpose, again, they will receive a lifelong ban from Division Kings.

6b. – Streaming is encouraged for proof of results to be live streamed to the public and the clips saved by streamers, for proof, should the other team report incorrectly.

6c. – If both teams report incorrectly and neither provide proof of win, or the win was not witnessed by Division Kings Staff, the match will be deemed null and void.

6d. – If a certain team repeatedly ends up with locked games (both team reports they win and neither provide proof), the team will be investigated for upcoming games.