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Most frequent questions and answers

Visit our Divisions, select your console & game and view available Divisions. Each Division will be joined by a countdown to the next season. If you are not playing in the current season you will have to wait until the new one starts.

You can either create your own team through your social page, or you can enter the Division page & select your console and game, there you will find the ‘Create a team’ button.

This means you and your opponent have reported different results & will need to submit evidence to support your claim for the win. You can find the link for this in the ‘Disputed Results’ page in your teams fixture list.

If you have a scheduled Division fixture & your opponent does not show after 20 minutes of the start time, you will need to report the game and click the ‘opponent did not show’ link & provide video evidence of you inviting the player/team at the correct time, you can also contact live support to assist you with this at the time of the no show.

Sometimes Live Support may not be online, don’t worry, fill in your responses to the automatic responses and we will try our best to resolve the issue ASAP.

By simply submitting them to us using our ‘submit video’ button the the DK TV homepage! We review all videos & upload accordingly, we prefer youtube links as this means our viewers can go straight to your channel!

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