Crossplay Tournament #01

Rocket League

  • Platform – Crossplay
  • Game mode – Battle Royale
  • Game type – One game, one winner
  • Players – 3 each team
  • Teams – 20
  • Date – 05/07/2022
  • Time – 1300 AWST
  • Entry fee – Free
  • Prize – Respect

Registration closes in:

Register your team below using the form. Once the countdown has stopped, the page will be updated with teams & schedules for the Tournament.


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Username players

Enter all your team's username as appears on their in game. If this is incorrect and does not match the lobby username of the player, the team will forfeit.

Leader Email Address

We will need a email address from your team so that confirmation can be sent to ensure the team is entered correctly and ready for the tournament.

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