4 Days until DK 01 Tournament on Apex Legends!

Only 4 days left now until the first Tournament, which will be hosted by Division Kings eSports in association with Gamers Battle Arena.

The countdown is on, only 4 days and we are so excited! On Apex Legends, Battle Royale, 60 players have signed up, 20 teams, 1 Game, 1 Winner takes $300! Our Tournament will be starting at 6PM AEST! View the Roster of those players signed up & to view the rules visit our DK 01 Tournament page today!

Can we watch the game live?

Absolutely! we will be streaming the game through our Twitch Channel & directly on DK TV. If you are a team participating in the Tournament and wish not to be streamed live, please let us know in advance through our socials, or email tournaments@divisionkings.com and we will ensure you are not recorded during the Tournament.

If you are in the Tournament and wish to stream live, please do!

Meet the DK 01 Teams!

  • Team Blacky
  • Team KDA
  • Murasaki
  • Echo
  • CatJAM
  • Space Coupe
  • Legacy
  • BTH
  • Highly Gifted
  • 12 Inch Egos
  • Buriram United
  • Uchiha
  • Dynasty
  • FFA
  • Zeraphy
  • DokoUso
  • TKR

DK01 Team confirmation.

All teams that have signed up for the Tournament must be using a valid email address. This email address will receive the Tournament code for the custom game! Please ensure you have access to this email! If not please contact us on our social accounts, either Facebook or Discord! You can also send an email to tournaments@divisionkings.com

Follow Division Kings social accounts to keep up to date!

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