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DK 01 Apex Tournament – Now 85% full!

With only 15 days to go, our DK 01 Apex BR Tournament on the 24th September 2022 is now 85% full with 17 teams signed up and ready to battle for DK’s first ever Tournament prize of $300!

We will be hosting this Tournament in association with GBA eSports! Only 3 Team spots left! 85% full!

We will be hosting a full 60 player Battle Royale game, 20 teams, 1 winner that takes all! Free entry with a $300 purse!

1 of the teams have been interviewed for the upcoming Tournament, Team Blacky, Head over to see the interview here.

Their Team leader DadCritical had a lot to say about his own team!

The rest of the teams in the Tournament who are interested in doing their own team interview like the one above, please get in touch with the team via our Tournament email! It will go a long way in helping build the hype of the Tournament and allows the soon to be spectators have an understanding of your team!

tournaments, apex, division, kings, esports

Head over to our DK 01 Tournament page to submit your team into the Tournament before the spaces run out! Division King’s first Tournament on Apex is not one to miss! In association with GBA eSports!

Follow Division Kings social accounts to keep up to date!

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